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Thank you for your interest in MedFirst Staffing. We are excited to have you join our team. MedFirst has available positions in a range of healthcare settings, including acute care hospitals, long-term care facilities, mental health institutions, and correctional facilities. Our healthcare clients are both private sector facilities and government agencies located in the southeastern United States.

We are currently recruiting nurses and other healthcare professionals for part-time, full-time, and fixed-term contract assignments. Our part-time and full-time positions are typically long-term assignments with rolling month-to-month schedules. Our contract positions are primarily 13-week assignments with full-time hours. We believe that our focus on extended placements provides MedFirst employees the opportunity to become an integrated part of a clinical team, maintain a certain and stable work schedule, and secure a more predictable income.

As a part-time employee, you will be scheduled for at least 24 hours per week. As a full-time or contract employee, you will be scheduled for 36 hours per week if you work 12-hour shifts, or 40 hours per week if you work 8-hour or 10-hour shifts. Overtime is often available.

Our recruiters will assist you in reviewing potential assignments and will provide quick and honest answers to your questions. We do not charge any application fees. In fact, MedFirst will pay for your pre-employment background check and drug screen and will assist you in acquiring any other credentials required for your specific assignment. We will stand by any commitments made to you during our recruiting process, including schedule, pay, and benefits. MedFirst is a market leader because of our honestly, dependability, and professional treatment of our employees. We know that you will notice the difference.

MedFirst pays highly competitive hourly wages. Our Company employs all staff as W-2 employees, which means that we are responsible for paying all wages; withholding state and federal taxes; and paying the employer portion of Social Security, Medicare, and all unemployment taxes. As a W-2 employee, you will not have the burden of paying quarterly payroll and unemployment taxes and you will significantly reduce your risk of an unexpected income tax liability at the end of the year. In addition, MedFirst offers a wide range of employee benefits, including medical and dental insurance, and a 401(k) plan with immediate vesting. Employees working full-time hours are eligible for benefits after 90 days.

As a MedFirst employee, you will be supported by a team of staffing professionals. In addition to your recruiter, MedFirst employs a Staffing Manager to assist you in managing your schedule and a Credentialing Coordinator to help you keep your credentials current and to ensure you remain eligible for your assignment. We also have a payroll team to make certain that you are paid correctly and on time for all hours worked.

At MedFirst, we know that our success is because of the skills, knowledge, and performance of our nurse employees. Therefore, we work to reward you with attractive pay, benefits, exciting career opportunities, and professional attention. We know that if you are happy and growing, so will MedFirst. Apply today to get started.

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